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Tai Chi Chuan, translated as "Grand Ultimate Fist," is considered the ultimate martial art. It was created to develop superior strength in monks who defended the Daoist lifestyle against other martial warriors.  

Today, Tai Chi is practiced to develop focus, grace, and emotional well-being. The most popular Tai Chi in America consists of two family forms: Yang-style (soft movements) and Chen-Style (a mix of hard & soft movements). 

You do not need to be physically fit to begin this art, but it’s helpful if you can you stand quietly for about 15 minutes. Sessions begin with basic Qigong movements to create a mind-body connection. As students progress, they are encourage to move into more challenging studies.



The art of Qigong (Qi ‘energy’ + gong ‘work’) derived from
shamanistic practices.

Ancient Daoist monks found this ‘standing practice’ not only counteracted the effects of hours in seated meditation but greatly improved mental concentration and acumen.

You do not need to be physically fit to begin this art and it’s not necessary to stand. Most movements can be adapted to seated postures for those with limited ability. Students gain more and more physical and mental benefit as they learn to synchronize their breath with the movements.


Free Meditation & Tai Chi 

When: Every Saturday, 9-10am

Where: Jade Lady Meditation
508 W 2nd Avenue, Suite 103 (facing E St), Anchorage, AK

Learn: Basic Qigong Meditation and a 10-Movement Tai Chi form



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