What is Jade Dragon Sanctuary?

Jade Dragon Sanctuary is a new nonprofit with a mission to create a calm and serene campus for internal reflection. In this place of peace and solitude, Alaskans and world travelers will be warmly welcomed to stroll the grounds in quiet contemplation, share in seasonal celebrations, and learn about Daoist healing practices such as Tai Chi and Meditation. 

The Dao De Ching is an ancient Daoist manuscript written around the 6th century BC by the sage Lao Tzu. Its name comes from the two sections of the document: Dao “The Way” and De “Virtue”. Therefore, the path of the Daoist is the “Way of Virtue”.  The Dao De Ching has been a guide for benevolent leaders, as well as a centuries-old source of inspiration to help humans embrace the enormity of our universe. 

We believe Daoist philosophy, as set forth in the Dao De Ching, can transform the hearts and minds of its practitioners, leading to physical healing and generous living practices for Sanctuary Members, Patrons, and Visitors. Jade Dragon Sanctuary is a teaching and healing organization that is organized to carry Daoist practices to people in our home state of Alaska and all over the world. 

Our Core Values are based in the Daoist Five-Elements:

WOOD – Community
We value our deep roots. Through a strong root system, our branches reach out to create meaningful bonds with Members, Patrons, Visitors, the people of our city, state, country, and the world.


FIRE – Beauty
We value beauty, joy and serenity. Beautiful surroundings soothe the mind, open the heart, and lift the spirit. Living in beauty calls forth our desire to nurture all that surrounds us.



EARTH – Health
We value spiritual, physical and emotional health. By cultivating grace and balance we protect our energy and generate the ultimate health of wholeness.



METAL – Honor
We value our connection to the Dao and all of life. We continually seek to honor our connection to the universe by creating and improving life-affirming energy, which flows outward to the macrocosm and inward to the microcosm.                                           


WATER – Curiosity
We value the fluid energy of wonder. Opening the curious mind transforms fear and anger and brings forth an innocent view of the world. Wandering and flowing without a set destination inspires our inquisitive nature and releases inflexible thinking.